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Grand Theft Overlay & Alerts Package

Elevate your Grand Theft Auto streams to the next level with our customized game stream overlay designed for role-playing streamers. Featuring five pre-made scenes, 18 pre-made panels, three webcam masks, and a variety of characters and backgrounds, you can create a unique and immersive theme for your stream. Our overlay is compatible with all major streaming broadcast software, specifically designed for OBS and Streamlabs. With stunning static and animated backgrounds, characters, and a five-minute countdown timer, your viewers will have a more professional and visually captivating experience. Try it out today and take your stream to new heights. No OBS prerequisites required, but the latest version of OBS and are recommended.

Suggested price: £32.00

Minimum price: £18.00

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If you happen to be a Grand Theft Auto streamer with a fondness for role-play, we have a solution that can elevate your stream to the next level. We are pleased to offer a customized game stream overlay that aims to provide your viewers with a more professional and immersive experience. The overlay is designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of your stream, rendering it more visually captivating, and potentially attracting more viewers, which can result in increased engagement and success. Try it out and allow us to help you take your stream to new heights.

The overlay consists of the following features:

  • Five pre-made scenes (Starting, Ending, Be Right Back, Just Chatting, and a game scene), which can be customized with a choice of ten characters and eight backgrounds. You may mix and match these layers to create a completely unique theme for your stream.
  • Eighteen pre-made panels for use on Twitch and Kick, each featuring different characters (with one editable PSD file).
  • Three pre-made webcam masks.
  • 19 characters as static PNGs, which can be placed in any location you choose.
  • 9 stunning static scenery background PNGs for making social media posts.
  • 9 stunning animated backgrounds that you can choose from, so you can customise the overlay even more.
  • 10 characters animated that you can choose from, also to allow complete customisation of each scene.
  • A five-minute countdown timer for when you are ready to go live.
  • A file containing a link to the font for editing.
  • A file for each containing links to free trial downloads of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.
  • Instructions on how to set up or modify any element of the pre-made scenes.

This overlay is compatible with all major streaming broadcast software, but it has been specifically designed for OBS and Streamlabs.


There are no OBS prerequisites are necessary for utilizing this overlay. However, you do need the latest version of OBS (preferably) and a copy of also preferably up to date.


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